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TikTok Live Claims 7/3/24 and 7/10/24

sticky $1X6= $6
twins shopping bag $3
mosquito stickers $5
pink hk apple coin purse $3
scrunchies $1x3= $3
melo face sticky $2
sticker pack $1x6= $6
jelly blender $2
small new cookie bags $1x4= $4
badtz wall hooks $3
cinna pen $1
chip clip $2
cinna plushie coin pusre $5
red crayon $1x2= $2
pink tractor keychain $2
pencil pack $1X4= $4
strawberry oreo $1x2= $2
grape and mango crayon $1x2= $2
cheesecake cookies $1x2= $2
glitter combs $2x2= $4
strawberry candy 2 for $1
charms 2 for $1X10= $5
cinna small wallet $5
total: $74
Shipping $5

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When can I expect to receive my order?

We ship business days Monday through Friday. After your order is shipped you can expect the package to be delivered within 2-4 business days by USPS or UPS.

Do you ship Internationally?

At the moment we only offer $5 Flat Rate Shipping to all US States and it's Territories. If you are international please contact us for a shipping quote.

Will I receive any freebies with my order?

Yes! We appreciate every order and include a small gift with every package as a thank you.